Cancelling Tiscali Broadband

Found 31st Jul 2007
Just a tip for those out there who have grown dissatisfied with the service.

My personal experience included no service for nearly 4 weeks due to a faulty modem.:x They had given me a small credit for no service, but nothing to cover my loss as I was paying for the period.
Inadequate Tiscali Broadband help - 30 minutes to be told I should contact my PC reseller.:x

So the tip, when you call to get your MAC code make sure they cancel your account at the same time. They had not treated me as a cancellation at the time.:x They saw me as a transfer or something, so they felt entitled to keep my paying.

I got a MAC code, but Talk Talk don't need this when they get to provide your phone line. So when I advised them of this, they said that I had not cancelled my account. The 30 day notice period would not start til I had my new service. After contacting broadband cancellation, and billing queries, I had to go back to broadband cancellation to tell them I was cancelling. I was then given a code which then started the 30 day clock, but this was nearly a week after I got the MAC code. They certainly know how to get money from you!

I have read many people have not paid Tiscali, and some people have not had their refunds. So another tip would be not to allow them to take money direct from your account. You make the payment and you make them explain what you are paying for.
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yeah the modems tiscali give you are rubbish, still with them but bought a decent modem
I work for Openreach and Tiscali are one of the service providers that we deal with (So are Talk Talk for that matter). I guarantee they, like all the others. do not like to hear the word Ofcom muttered down their phone.

If they mess you around on cancellation might be worth a phone call.
I had fancied the Tiscali package for £14.99 with line rental and broadband but it was not available.
When you speak to them on their expensive phone lines they speak slowly, ask you to repeat things etc making your call last longer.
The broadband helpline was in my opinion deliberately slow, asking you to check things etc and ignored my comment that it affected both my PCs using the one modem. When I told them it was the modem, I thought one was on order. A week later I found it wasn't. I then sent an email. Got one back in 24 hours to say, is it your modem. Try again and let us know. I did let them know, though it took a few weeks for it to arrive.

But my advice to others, and thanks for the OFCOM note, is make sure you tell Tiscali you are cancelling and switching, otherwise they will not start the 30 day clock. And stop any direct payments, so you control what to pay, as I have read on many sites that they are slow in repaying.

Fortunately with a new line rental agreement, Tiscali can't hold me to ransom.
I hate Tiscali customer service, but the service I recieved as far as the BB goes was fantastic in Scarborough. Not so great at my parents house in Walsall.

With Be* now
To add balance to this thread...

I set a mate up with Tiscali and everything went Ok. We had to call Tiscali CS for one issue about router settings and they were absolutely fine. Answered the phone quickly no long hold times and answered the questions very efficiently.

It seems a national sport at the moment to knock ISP for CS, speed capping etc etc, but bear in mind those who knock the ISPs are all using the ones that offer the lowest prices.

Maybe a reality check is needed sometimes.

There seems to be the concept that you go with the cheapest provider, want to use the cheapo USB free modem, have no knowledge of setting up a broadband connection, then expect perfect results.

These companies are all cutting costs to provide these super cheap services, so something eventually has to give.

If you really want everything to go perfectly then use a premium service and pay for it :thumbsup:

BTW, another ISP that appears to get slated is

I set up my folks on their basic £9.99 1GB service and Plus were absolutely perfect with their help for my silver surfer parents! They have UK based 24/7 CS on a geographic number and they have proved to be very reliable.

So you pays your money and takes your choice;-)
Tiscali have the highest customer complaints of all providers at ISP Review, they can't all be lying.;-)
ISPs will always have a majority that have a fine working connection..
But an ISP is not measured when everything is going fine, as it should be, as they lawfully advertised and try to provide.

IMO services like this, especially where they hijack your phone line and potential rival isp services for provide you a service are measured by what happens when things go wrong.

And choosing Tiscali/AOL/TalkTalk/Pipex along with others are all very well known to have appauling customer service if something goes wrong they cannot easily fix and requires a BT Wholesale engineer or testing to occur.

As for charging you for services not provided and doing so after giving you a mac used, you need to add that all up and take away 30days notice which I expect is in their T&C.

Anyone with an ongoing MAC problem should use this:…in/
I suppose one of the gripes was cancelling the broadband. They are not going to be keen on you leaving, but fair enough the texted me a MAC code within an hour.
The issue I had was that this did not cancel my account. Had I not been aware that Talk Talk did not need it, I would not have contacted Tiscali again and found that I had not cancelled, and that I had to say CANCEL to give them 30 days notice.

Suffice to say I shall write to OFCOM to advise of this sharp practice, and if Tiscali start threatening me well, I have the evidence. Several weeks no service. Misadvice (equivalent to misselling in my book).

And why o why did they not email all users about the fact that emails could not be sent out. You had to go to the Tiscali hompage.

Anyway, I think I shall seek therapy after all this...
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