Cancelling trial magazine subscriptions

Evening all

I have signed up to a few trial magazine subscriptions in the last few months.

When I have done this in the past, I would wait until I received the final issue of the trial subscription before contacting the magazine to cancel my direct debit.

The reason for doing this was to ensure I received all of the issues in the trial.

However, I have noticed some on the board wait until the the trial subscription fee is deducted from their bank account and then they cancel their direct debit directly with their bank.

I wanted to ask if doing it this way ensures you still get all of your trial issues as this is why I have never done this myself.


Yes it does ensure you get all your issues. I have done it for radio times a few times now and a couple of others, normally cancel the direct debit after trial sub fee to deducted and phone to cancel too.

i sign up for trial issues, and cancel the DD as soon as the £1 or whatever the initial trial rate is has come out of my account. I get the remainders of my issues and that is that
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