Cancelling Virgin Media, can the box still record?

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Found 23rd Nov 2016
Hi all.

If I cancel virgin media can I still use the record function on the box? Thinking of moving platform but love to be able to record terrestrial.

If not, what alternative do I have, I don't like the adverts on catch up or the apps.



I think virgin own the box and take it back

virgin will take back all there equipment


I think virgin own the box and take it back


You have 28 days to return the box (they send you a flat pack box). This gives you time to watch anything you may have recorded.

My mates just cancelled they told him to keep the box and router. When I cancelled they offered me a better deal and gave me the super hub 3, they said to keep the super hub 2 so it's in the box still.

Back to will you be able to record I've no idea! Hopefully you will but virgin might cut the signal totally

freeview recorder.

Original Poster

Thanks all. Will ring them.

we cancelled ours last month. it got turned off on the 11th of November. my wife kept the box plugged in til yesterday to finish watching her recordings. after the services get turned off you can't record any more, but can still watch what you have recorded. some of the freeeview channels work but you will have a annoying box floating around the screen. saying call to get these services. so in short no you cannot record after the 30 days cancellation time.

They'll send a returns box to collect the equipment, the only TV equipment you can keep after cancelling is a BTTV (Youview) and the old Sky boxes (Not Sky Q)
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