Cancelling Vodafone Contract Early?!

Posted 2nd Jun 2011
Hi I have recently bought a mobile phone sim only contract from Three and wanted to cancel my Vodafone contract early so I can transfer my number over.

I called them up and they wanted to charge me £25 cancellation fee and the line rental for the rest of the contract!

I understand about the line rental but that cancellation fee is ridiculous!

Is there any other way do do this without having to pay silly fees?

Many thanks
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No, and the cancellation fee is fair imo. You took on a contract for a minimum term and want to break it early.
What's silly about it?
It's a contract... Therefore you have to continue paying until the end of it?
Thanks, I guess I will have to keep both contracts and do some swapping of sims when I want to use the internet (3 months of it)

I think if you're paying off a contract early the remaining line rental is charged excluding VAT. Maybe this would outweigh the cancellation fee depending on monthly cost and how long you have remaining.
They are not allowed to charge a cancellation fee, only what line rental is left on the contract. So if 3 months left at £30 then would be £90 - VAT and nothing extra

Thats what I would have thought but they told me otherwise... Do you think I should ring up and try again or do it via email?


They are not allowed to charge a cancellation fee, only what line rental … They are not allowed to charge a cancellation fee, only what line rental is left on the contract. So if 3 months left at £30 then would be £90 - VAT and nothing extra

Would ring them as usually quicker than email.

From Ofcom for a ETC charge to be fair "it is never greater than the amount of the (usually monthly) contractual retail payments remaining due at the date of termination;" (page 5 on

Also reduce your tariff to the minimum allowed (usually 1 level down ~£5) as to reduce the charge
I'd recommend using Vodafone's own forum at It's not as fast as either their phone or mail support but I find it's worth waiting for as the eForum team are far better informed.

Just a word of advice to all vodafone customers. Fair enough you have a contract to deliver on that you agreed to. But whatever you do. Dont pay vodafone a day late or they will slate your credit score rating ruthelessly. My advice to all vodafone customers is to setup a direct debit and make sure you pay them on time. Then once your contract is finished go to another provider because their members of staff are so much more understanding and supporting of their customers. They tend to help you alot better with all matters in my experience and in my opinion they dont slate your credit score rating straight away if you are a day late making a payment. My credit scoring has not ever been worse because I didnt realise that vodafone were slating me so badly for late payments. If I had known this I would have done a better job of paying them on time. I had only forgot to setup a direct debit and didnt worry too much about it and just called them to pay when a bill came in as I have been so busy. Ive always payed my bill within the month so never thaught it would be that big a problem. Now my credit scoring is wrecked just because of vodafone and nothing else. I take full blame for being so relaxed about paying the bill on a certain date each month but I seriously did not know how badly it was affecting my credit scoring. but I cant wait to go back to another provider. I'll never deal with vodafone ever again in my lifetime when my contract runs out. I think it was just their sheer blunt attitude when I explained that I didnt realise even a day late payment was affecting my credit score rating so badly. Now I know I wont let it happen again and would advise you all to pay them on time unless your happy to let vodafone ruthelessly adversly affect your credit rating in no time at all. I hope my lesson will save you from the same fate.

but thanks for signing up and posting on a year old thread
nailez, how sarcastic, people still read year old threads.Just because you add a smiley face does not meant it isn't rude. Sorry chaps comment was relevant. So
I read it and found it useful samera 2
I can't see how that's worth dredging up a two year old thread for but the information in the post above isn't that accurate, Vodafone do not 'slate your credit score ruthlessly', if a payment isn't made all they can do is put a late payment marker on the person's credit file and if they don't still don't pay up, put a default on. It's exactly what most other companies do, not just mobile telecommunication companies as this is the standard procedure for late payments. Some companies may let the person off with the first one but if the payment is consistently late the person has indicated above, I don't see that as a fault of the company that they correctly update the credit file in those circumstances.

As for other providers being much better, I beg to differ particularly having had a long battle with O2 over an incorrect debt with them (despite all payments being made correctly on time via direct debit). They eventually admitted it was their fault but weren't at all bothered about it, I find a lot of Vodafone's support staff similarly hopeless but unlike the other networks I find their forum staff helpful.

If Vodafone increase there prices midway through a contract. Can you cancel early ?
shark237 m ago

If Vodafone increase there prices midway through a contract. Can you …If Vodafone increase there prices midway through a contract. Can you cancel early ?

Check the t&c of your contract, if it’s the normal rises no you can’t, also best to start a new thread rather than reopen a 8 year old one.
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shark234 h, 3 m ago

If Vodafone increase there prices midway through a contract. Can you …If Vodafone increase there prices midway through a contract. Can you cancel early ?

Eight years ago when this thread started there were more escape routes. Now in 2019 even the annual RPI increase is not a get-out-of-jail, but any other mid-term change in t&c (price increase or service withdrawal / modification) that can be classed as detrimental should be sufficient for the customer to initiate notice period to terminate at no penalty within 30days receipt of notification of the detrimental item.
this thread appears quite high in google when you search for vodafone early termiantion fee... so in the hope of helping someone out in the future, this is my very recent experience...

we had some dubious charges on our mobile phone contract - i called vodafone and asked them to put a stop to those charges in the future... which they said they couldnt do (it was a text scam - well documented on google...)

i asked advisor if this meant ‘almost any amount could be debit from my card without warning on a monthly basis’ - in essence the answer was yes.

naturally i was miffed - the only way to stop these fraudulant transactions was to cancel my direct debit to them... hopefully until resolved.

naturally - a few months passed and vodafone cancelled my contract and spat out a large bill (almost £2k...). a huge chunk of this was an Early termination fee... i queried the fee and it fell on deaf ears...

next step is of course lowell debt collection - who wouldnt refer it back to vodafone and offered no assistance in proving the debt. vodafone customer services were equally useless and couldnt break down the individual charges they had put on the bill.

i ignored it for a while - my pleas and calculations had fallen on deaf ears. i invited lowell to take me to court and they duly obliged. this brings me up to last week having started in 2016...

i wrote an email to the chief exec of vodafone ( ) asking for his assistance and a simple breakdown of the charges levied. a nice chap from his department called me on a sunday afternoon and began to tell me that the early termination fee was correct but another bill was not.

my final bill for the last 4 months was almost £400, which seemed odd as we werent using the phones. he looked into the bill and there was ‘absolutely no reason to justify a bill so high’ there was nothing on the bill other than line rental (£33 a month...). in short, their system had picked a random number and spewed it out and billed me.

as for the early termination fees... initially he had said they were correct. however, when we ran our own calcs in order to gain an accurate figure it again showed that the vodafone accounting system was seriously flawed (calcs below...). the number is quite literally random - no matter how many times i ran calculations based on their own terms i simply couldnt come up with the same number. In fact, by their own admission, even if i had cancelled my contract on day 1 of the term - the figure bulled would still be higher. by my calcs they would have billed me not only for my 24 month term - but also 3 months before i’d even considered joining them!!

in response he correctly calculated using vodafones own formula and gave a settlement figure. which still seemed high... it appears i also upgraded my plan part way through my 24 month term (month 12/13...) i have zero recollection of this and have asked for proof that this happened.

so i put up a facebook post asking if anyone had had similar experiences... 2 good friends came back and said yes... both had said they paid the fee to avoid the hassle.

OFCOM not overly interested in this. the default on my credit account has cocked up a mortgage application and a new business account application - i guess i should take part of the blame for that though - for cancelling the DD instead of just sucking up the charges.

calculation for early termination fee are as follows...

monthly line rental (minus VAT @ 20% ) x number of months. minus 2%

good luck to anyone fighting vodafone on this. theyre hard work and, whether intentional or not, almost thief like in nature. it took me many many phone calls to get my voice heard. nobody will listen and nobody there knows their procedures... but with a but of luck you’ll stick to your guns.

as for me, i’m going to put a counter claim against them for my time, effort, stress, inconvenience etc etc... let’s see what happens.

(only posted for benefit of people googling the subject... happy to offer further advice if anyone needs it)
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