Cancelling Xbox 360 account

    Can anyone tell me the phone number to call to cancel my membrship with the Xbox 360 which is £5 a month
    Im getting a PS3 and is it just the same with LIVE on the 360 ?
    do i have to pay membership etc to play other people on line?



    Its free on ps3 but currently does not have all the features that live has

    I thought you could change in in the account management section of the interface?

    As stated above, the PS3 service isn't as nice an experience but it is free and you can play with others online.

    My partner only plays Fifa online on the PS3,he says it as a lot of lag at times,but its free.

    Should be 0800 587 1102 :thumbsup:

    Best way to do this is to ring them AND ring your CC company and let them know your no longer wanting the service and to stop any future payments to Microsoft. MS are notoriously bad for stopping CC payments over XBL.

    In future if you want to sign up again use the scratch cards which can be had or under £30 for a years play.

    PSN is pretty good like the fact that they use dedicated servers like pc gaming online rather than xbox peer to peer i have a decent broad band connection and only time had lag was when forgot to stop Utorrent lol Also alot of the games on PSN are actually really good. Have been very impressed with ps3 online :thumbsup: wired is more reliable of course as with any connection

    Original Poster

    thanks folks

    fifa 2008 does lag online,also takes forever to find a online game and then once i get to the team selection part alot of the time the game says not available seems like others have had this prob too
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