Cancelling xbox 360 automatic billing

Hi, I saw this information on here quite a few months back but I wouldn't know how to find it now. I need to stop microsoft automatically taking money off my account and they have not made it easy on their site. Could someone please help out?


tried for ages to do it, kept saying pending tansaction so i could not cancel the card so told my bank i lost my card, at least that way automatic billing is not a concern anymore.

I found it wouldn't let me change the option in the account settings when using firefox, tried in IE and it worked. You set the auto renew to off - can't remember the exact area though :oops:

To cancel you need to call Mircosoft and ask for them to stop taking payments from your card.
While on the phone goto your xbox payment screen and dont hang-up untill that card has been removed from your account.

I had problems when trying to cancel my card. When I rang up they were like, yeah its been taken off. 1yr later they tryed to bill me again, however my credit card account was closed, so they disabled my xbox live account.

I rang up and made a huge fuss, took about an hour to explain and for them to sort out the issue, i was rewared with 1yrs free xbl for the hassle

you don't have to ring up, you can turn it off through your membership level settings on i did it the other day.…262

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Thanks, they didn't make it easy, had to phone in the end (probably because it was my son's account and my credit card), cross fingers that's it.
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