Candy Floss Machine

    anyone know were to buy them from thanks:thumbsup:

    7 Comments…asp

    and another site to tempt you onto other similar kitchen items,I'd like 1 of each really.

    Original Poster

    thank you guys

    Anyone know how robust they are, how many you can make before it cuts out ?

    Our kids school was looking for fund raiser ideas at the Xmas Bazaar. I know you can hire the "circus type" ones, but very expensive.

    Charlie Brown

    i had one years ago, very briefly cos i sent it back, it really doesnt make a great deal at a time, ok for small amounts i guess, but then im a pig!

    I bought one for the kids and had to make the stuff out in the garage as it goes everywhere, laying a nice sticky film of sugar all over your kitchen.

    And it does take ages to make a decent amount, the kids were eating it quicker than I could produce the stuff.
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