Hi wondering should I buy a candy floss maker for my daughters birthday party, has anybody used one, are they any good and anybody know where to buy from.


    This one from Argos is £19.99....dunno if it's any good though !…htm

    Hiya, candy floss is pure sugar. I should think it would make the kids very active! and the parents will not thank you in theese days of healthy living. Pop corn maybe better without any sweetners? :thumbsup:

    Russell Hobbs popcorn maker - Just £6.99 - Comet +3.5% Quidco…6-/

    ..........or just use a Pan or Microwave ...... LOL

    give them whisky, should tire em out

    I have the Prima candy floss maker, my kids love it !!! The trouble is a 5ml spoon of sugar can only make 2 candle floss at a time and before you make the next one they have already finished their first one!!

    Candy floss, Air balloons and bubble machine ~ Don't worry about sugar and heathy eating, its making the kids happy for one day!!

    hi on the for sale bit h_360 has one for sale
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