Candy Floss / Popcorn - bulk buying to sell at school summer

Found 5th May 2010
Slightly strange request but I am helping with the summer fete at school this year. We are looking at selling popcorn and candyfloss but don't want to hire a machine as we are usually not overwhelmed with helpers! I've googled but there's quite a few to look at so wondered if anyone had any recomendations for companies selling these products? The school is in South Essex.

Thanks in advance.
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Buy it ready made from Makro or a cash and carry? Not as fun but probably cheaper.
sickly sweet;8533500

Buy it ready made from Makro or a cash and carry? Not as fun but probably … Buy it ready made from Makro or a cash and carry? Not as fun but probably cheaper.

Good Point :thumbsup: I'll track down a willing volunteer to check out costco:-D
Have you thought of doing ice cream cones instead. Much easier to manage, good profit margin if you use somewhere like farm foods or aldi to source products, easy to get rid of any surplus to parents.
I think ice cream is easier too.
We already have ice cream sorted - Mr Whippy brings his van and pays us rain or shine! Because we don't have that many volunteers ( althought that's changing) we have to limit what stalls we can run ourselves.
I'll be putting it on the agenda for next year's fete.

We also have a BBQ / Refreshments aswell as the usual games/tombolas etc. But we're always open to suggestions.
buy 2kg pack of corn (usual from asian shops as they are cheapest
make pop corn in microwave (day before) - then bag up or put in large plastic carton and serve on the day - that way they choose - salted /sweet
done it a couple of years ago - made £££s

also done the icecream - farm foods for bargains - 12 lollies £1 - cheapy ice cream (tesco do a good range now of blue stripe

know what you mean about helpers -
enjoy and hope you make loadsamoney:thumbsup:
Scones or a cake stall always goes down well - get parents to bake and donate. Scones were always the best seller at my primary school, with whipped double cream and strawberry jam, yum yum yum, good memories!
Or a homemade lemonade stall?
How about toffee apples, You can do lots of different toppings
One year, someone who had a whole load of ink stamps (the crafty type stamps) set up a stall and you could choose your stamp, colour card and ink and they made postcards, cards and letters with your chosen stamp on, cheap and nice.

Face painting can be fun too.
ask someone who own a doghnut/popcorn van if they want to cater the fete and give a cash amount for doing so or take a % of their takings, as you probably do with the ice cream man.
Thanks for all the tips..rep added
waterloo;8533801 close to you as well.

Just started looking at this sidetracked by the hottub hire:w00t:
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