Found 22nd Sep 2007
Has anyone seen this film called cannibal holocaust (1980). I'm curious to see it but apprently its one of the most controversial disturbing films. Im wondering if its a must see film because if I watch it I dont know what I'm preparing myself for.

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I have this film and consider it to be much hyped and over rated.
The controversy surrounding the film was basically because of the fact that it was presented as a kind of documentary and people were taken in by the content thinking it was for real. (…ust )
There are certainly some disturbing scenes in it but no worse than in a thousand other films. Scenes involving human sacrifice and cannibalism, animal killing (real, but it is documented that the crew ate all that was killed) and sexual violence are all there not too mention the usual gore !

Shock, I guess, is in the eye of the beholder and that being the case you really should watch it yourself. In my opinion there are more controversial and disturbing films by far.
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