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cannot answer call and phone icon disappeared on moto e.

Posted 9th Feb 2015
can anyone provide a solution to the following? my dad has just told me that the phone icon has disappeared from his home screen and cannot find it anywhere to add back to the front screen. secondly, when someone calls him the phone rings but there is no swipe option on the screen to answer call so he cannot answer it. apart from a factory reset is there a way of getting the icon back and getting the swipe option back to answer a call. I don't have a Motorola and I'm 100 miles away so not providing much help.

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First, tell him to reboot it and call him to check if the swipe to answer call feature is working again. I've realised the Moto E does need a reboot sometimes as system apps stops working, like my alarm clock this morning. To reboot, hold down the power button until a box appears, select Power Off then OK.

Secondly, to get the phone icon back tell him to go on the app list (usually the middle button of the bottom, non moving row of apps) and find the page where the phone icon is. Then, hold down the phone icon and it will show his wallpaper. If he lets go of the icon on any of the wallpaper pages it will stay there, like it probably did before it got lost.
have you sorted it out yet mate if not just go to playstore and download a new dialer I like rocket dial I use that instead of the normal one anyway u may aswell try that if it's not fixed yet
Cheers both.

Stefanw - He's rebooted and its' still the same. He's gone into the phone menu and the phone icon is no longer in the app list either. I thought he may have just not seen it so got my sister who was there with him to check the app list for the phone icon but she also says it's not there.

muddassarsardar - I may tell him to do that as a temporary fix for the icon and hopefully he will have the option to answer a call.

Failing everything he'll just have to wait until Friday when i'll backup his information and do a factory reset.
When you go into settings and then app list and then select all, can you see the dialer app there? If you can, you could click on it & then try the force stop option or clear data.
managed to fix the issue today. The phone app was in the apps list but couldn't find a way to add it back to the main screen, I then noticed the 'disabled' section of the app list and found that somehow the app had been disabled. I enabled it and added it back to the main screen and all back to normal now.
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