Cannot connect my 360 to my Pc

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Found 6th Dec 2009
So i bought a new xbox 360 elite console last week and I am trying to hook it up to my pc, the thing is i am using windows 7 and i cannot get them to link. Anyone else has this problem and have you managed to sort it??

All help greatfully accepted.

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I use Vuze to stream. Seems a lot easier

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excuse my ignorance but how does that work?

Do you have Vuze on the pc?

(taken from another forum)

Tools > Options > Library > Configure Sharing

Should be an icon for it if it's on the network and not blocked by your firewall. Just allow access to the 360 and you should be set.

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Just downloaded it, but it cant find my xbox



Just downloaded it, but it cant find my xbox

seems theres a problem with your xbox then. Is it banned ?

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its brand new, bought from argos last week
my son is watching a dvd on it at the moment, would that have anything to do with it??

Is your xbox connected to your network? It needs to be in order to stream.

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yes, its on ethernet powerline plugs so my internet runs through my mains. it automatically connects to xbox live when i turn it on.

Doesn't your computer also need to be on the powerline adapters to pick up the connection with the xbox? I've not had much experience with powerlines.

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no, my xbox connects via a powerline to the back of my modem (which is next to my pc)
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