Cannot get 2nd controller to work on brain academy wii

    Does anyone know how to get the 2nd controller to work, tried everything but it won't recognise it. Stupid thing!!


    av u pressed the little red button....

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    Which red button the 'on' button?

    pull the flap down on front of ya wii and theres a red that and the little button on ya controller


    Which red button the 'on' button?

    [COLOR="Magenta"]open the front flap on the wii and press the red synchronize:thumbsup: button at the same time press the red button on the wii remote under the battery cover [/COLOR]

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    Which button on the controller still does not seem to recognise it

    take the battery pack out of back...its in there

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    Yay thanks it works x

    sorry u dont av to take it out .put press it wilh something thin its on the back off ya controller near the strap
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