Cannot get Dixons voucher to work...?

Found 20th Apr 2009
I'm trying to buy a tumble dryer from Dixons and I want to use the TUMBLE4 code to get 4% off (as advertised here: but when I add it at the checkout is says

"The voucher number you have entered is incorrect please re-enter the number. "

Am I doing something dumb or does everyone get this error?

Cheers for any help...


Not working for me either... ring them?:thumbsup:

Original Poster

Just tried calling... was told the voucher was probably expired (not according their site it's not) but I should place the order then call head office and get the discount applied retrospectively. Yeah right! Well, they just lost a sale.

Good old DSGi.. NOT!

hi i brought a washing machine there last week and copy and pasted a code and it didnt work but when i manually typed the code in it worked so might be worth a go if u did copy and paste
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