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    A while ago i ordered a camera lens from a company based in h/k. Service was really good delivery was quick site was cheap also garaunteed no customs if you are charged they refund it. Anyone got a clue what this company is as i connot find receipt and want a new lens.



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    No this is a camera shop only deals in cameras and lenses.
    Thx anyway


    No this is a camera shop only deals in cameras and lenses.Thx anyway

    that was my one and only guess for a h/k based shop! You might need to post a bit more info

    Remember it wont be so cheap anymore... not with the weak £.
    Ive only justt got an 18-200mm for my canon and none of the foreign sites/people could beat the UK ones anymore, well not when you consider postage etc.

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    Only problem is cant remember much more it has been over a year since i bought last lens an cannot remember much. Seem to think it had a 4 in domain like lense 4 u or something along thos lines but i may be completely wrong.

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    I also have canon and am looking for a lens to cover range between stock lens and my 70-300 zoom.
    Been looking at sigma 24-70 f2.8 any thoughts

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    Titchimp;3834038 ?

    Thats the one thx rep added.
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