cannot use google checkout- freezes!!

    Been trying to buy the usrobotics deal on here ,but when i try to create a google checkout account -the screen freezes and i cant shut it down - i still haven;t managed to get an account 40 mins of trying !!!
    Do you think someone is telling me not to go for this deal !!!!:?


    So your PC is actually crashing... ?

    It's not that you're trying to use the electron card is it? As it doesn't accept that ?

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    Actually i didn't even get that far - everytime i went to buy the computer poiter went off on one !!! i couldn't close the page at all for ages - i didn't know you couldn't use visa electron though -that means i can't get my £10 off then ?

    Definitely cannot use electron cards... it's one of the T&Cs.

    Nope its a bummer!

    it doesent accept electrons so no point even trying....:-(

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    Thanks for letting me know - still looking at adsl routers - cant make a decision !!

    mine freezes as soon as i go to the google sitting here now wondering why the page keeps crashing

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    It did that om me every time i tried to use it and then found out it wouldnt have accepted my card any way !!!!!!!

    I had the same problem . My solution was to go to goggle checkout, sign in, go to ebuyer via the goggle link . Add to my basket then checked out via google link. Worked for me. Nothing to do with your computer it was the goggle server
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