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    Hi guys - just a quick question...

    I bought a Canon 400d from John Lewis yesterday, but it was a returned product, so was discounted. I asked in the store but they seemed pretty clueless, but can I apply for the cashback for this?

    The box still has the barcode thing that you send in, but the sales assistant scanned a different barcode when he put it through the till. This means that on the receipt it does not have the code from the box, but one from a John Lewis sticker.

    Personally, I cannot see why I shouldn't be able to apply for the cashback.




    have a go you got nowt to lose

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    Well if I can't get cashback then I will take the camera back and wait for it to fall below £300 (the camera was reduced by £45 to £344 as it has only been opened, never used, with cashback this makes it £299, however if I can't get the cashback I would rather have a brand spanking new one for the same money)

    I got one for hubby at christmas, Im sure cash back as finished ( Feb if I remember right) unless theres a new promotion. Good Luck

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    There is another promotion on at the moment that ends at the end of the month. Think I'll just give them (canon) a ring tomorrow. X

    You should be able to get it yes. If the barcode is still there it hasn't been applied for, and it goes on when you bought it nothing else! So yes, you will qualify.

    Warning though, you may be lucky to get the cashback before November!! Took them 6 Months to get mine sorted and sent back to me.

    Good luck.

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    Ahh, thanks a lot for the info ajay87, good to know that it just goes on the date of purchase. I will give them a ring tomorrow just to be certain. I have had a little play with the camera today and am very happy with it, but 45 quid is 45 quid.
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