Found 23rd Mar 2008
Im after a new camera, and coming from the baby Canon 350D, ive decided to go a little more upmarket...

The sites i have been looking are asking far more than im wanting to pay...

Anyone know of a fantastic deal that i can nab?|


Your budget is?

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Id say around £600... I have found jessops doing it for £519 with the £100 canon cash back...

Just want as cheap as i can get it

Wilkinson cameras sell it for £599.99 before cashback ]CanonD40 Out of stock at the moment.

There is a £10 off code & free delivery for Jessops floating around. :thumbsup:

I have been looking to do exactly the same thing upgrade from the 350D to the 40D. Jessops seems to be the cheapest at £519 after cashback and a £10 voucher. But these guys seem to offer the best deal
I phoned them on saturday and the 40D body was £639 before cashback, but you also got a 4gb card, camera case, table top tripod, free delivery and a 3 year warranty instead of a standard 1 year. For the extra £20 (£539 final price after cashback) i think the 2 years extra warranty are worth it alone.

Hope this helps James

keep an eye here:…tml
The 40D has come down quite sharply in price over the past 2 weeks, I'd be tempted to hang on for another week or 2

You can get the EOS 40D + EF-S 17-85mm lens for £731.92 at Dixons Tax Free at some airports. This price is before the £140 cashback from Canon making the final price £591.93. The only disadvantage is that you have to be flying through an airport or know someone who does. I have called the Dixons Tax Free Belfast International airport and they have confirmed the price and also the cashback, and also as long as you fly within EU, you won't be charged any VAT. I have booked one for myself as my friend is flying off to Paris next week for the weekend. I would be able to confirm this by next week if anyone is interested!

If you do not need the lens, you can always sell it. The current selling price on the internet is about £318 before the £40 cashback. You can simply sell it at £200 making the camera body £391.93! I think this is a very good deal!

If anyone has had any bad experience shopping at Dixons Tax Free with regards to VAT, please do let me know.

Do you know anyone going to USA - I'm just back from florida and there was a couple of shops selling the 400D body for around $450.

it's 40D and not 400D for this thread if that's what you are referring to.

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Do you know anyone going to USA - I'm just back from florida and there … Do you know anyone going to USA - I'm just back from florida and there was a couple of shops selling the 400D body for around $450.

Ahhh, as previous post, im after a 40d... not 400d... I am off to Flordia in September, and trying to find out how much they are there....

you should check out their warranty and make sure it is international warranty. my friend bought a canon camera from america and it was broken when he came back to the uk. he couldnt repair it in the uk as the warranty is limited to america only. just a thought!
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