Canon DSLR upgrade from 400D

    I am going round in circles - now I know what Dillan and Dougal felt like.

    I have an EOS 400D and want to upgrade to either the 50D or 500D. There are a lot of comparison sites comparing the specs but none which list the benefits from the 400D. Options :-

    500D - HD no improvement on build quality higher MP, faster etc. about £660
    50D - No HD better build quality, more fine tuning, move toward professional.£999

    Will I see an improvement when printing at A4.
    Which way should I jump.
    Is the 17-85 IS supplied with the 50D any better than the 18-55 IS supplied with the 500D.

    The other option was the 5D MkI second hand but full frame would mean upgrading all my lens. 5dMkII would be ideal but at £2K+ far beyond my budget of £1K.



    If you want to truly get anything better get a used 5D Mk1

    Would just buy a 50D body if you have a range of lens that suit you already.
    Purchased the 40D with 17-85 IS lens myself but have had it on the body only once to test it .
    Either that or buy the lens and body and sell the lens on if it works out a bit cheaper than body only. :thumbsup:

    agree with esq, definitely a 50D, or even a 40D and a new lens


    agree with esq, definitely a 50D, or even a 40D and a new lens

    FPS speed on the 40d and 50d is amazing.

    Stop, you make me want to upgrade my 20D, been as i've just bought a house i haven't really got any money!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice. The lens I have are 18-55 (not IS) that came with my EOS 400D. A Canon 50mm f1.8 and a sigma 70-300 slow lens. Will the lens that is bundled with the 50D give any real benefit over any of these.

    No one rate the 500D over the 50D ???:?

    Would buy the 50d well before I would buy the 500d tbh.…679

    The 50d is a far superior camera.

    Also with your lens setup you wouldn't really need the kit lens.
    If you really do want the kit lens with it sell your old 18-55 and claw a few pounds back.

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    Thanks esq for the link - however seems its down to personal preference I was quite convinced towards the 50D until the end of the thread where someone said the HD vid on the 500D is priceless. Thing is, I might use the HD on the 500D but don't know if I will use the fine tuning extras which the 50D give. (not immediately anyway). That then begs the question other than HD is there any point in updating from 400D to 500D coz I only have an A4 printer.
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