Canon EDOS 300D - Digital SLR Camera

Found 12th Jan 2005
I am seeking the best price on a Canon EOS 300D digital SLR camera. The one point you have to be careful of when searching for a price on this item is that the manufacturer Canon offers £100 cash back when you buy this camera (until the end of Jan). Some retailers are listing the camera taking into account the £100 cash back from Canon, and other retailers show the price before the £100 cash back, the inclusion / exclusion of the £100 cash back has to be taken into account when looking for the best price.

The best deal I can come up with is to buy the camera from Currys for £599.99 Using the £35 discount voucher found on this web site (which runs out on the 16th of jan) that makes the camera £564.99 By using greasy palm there is an extra 1.5% discount making the new figure £556.52. Taking the £100 cash back from Canon into account that makes the camera £456.52. An extra half percent can be gained by my credit company, I am not deducting this from the final price because this could be had where ever I purchase the camera.

So to summarise the best price for this camera I can come up with is £456.52
Can anyone beat it?

I would appreciate any posts on this ASAP as the voucher deal with Currys ends on the 16th.

Many Thanks,

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Sorry! Had a good look over the web + can't find better than your price taking all into concideration.
[color=darkblue]Just when I nearly gave up I found this one:[/color]

[color=blue]CLICK HERE - 7DAYSHOP[/color]

[color=darkblue]£499.00p with delivery to add.

Doesn't say whether it has the cashback + it's also saying "Body Only" [no lens][/color]
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