Canon EOS 350/400/450D

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Found 20th Oct 2008
I'm looking for one of the above cameras, either the kit or just the body. What's the best deal I can get? Looking to spend under 300 pounds.


The 350d is quite old now, so you'll only find SH ones of those.

The 400d has been replaced by the 1000D and 450D, so is getting increasingly hard to find new stocks of. Sainsburys were doing it for £200, but you'll have a snowballs chance in hell of getting one of those now. The best price I;ve seen recently for easily available stocks is PC World for the 400d and kit lens for £330 and then go through quidco for 2.5% back. Imho, this represents the easiest oppurtunity to get a Canon at this price range.

The 450d is not going to be that cheap for a while although you can get £50 cashback on these at the mo, but the headline price with the IS kit lens is around £440 from Amazon (so £390 delivered). This is alot a better camera and lens than the 400d so would be worth the extra. Personally, I'd go for the kit lens package as you'd only save about £40 by going body only and you could ebay the lens for double that and sell it very quickly or keep it and have a very servicable walkabout lens. It would take about a month or so and a bit of effort, but this would give you a 450d body only for about £300. Bargain

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Hi, thanks for your response. Could you explain how Quidco works? Do I need to be a resident of the UK? I ask this because I don't live in the UK, but I plan on buying a camera online and sending it to a friends house who lives there, and then picking it up when I arrive.

Go to [url]www.quidco.com[/url] and join there. You do have to be UK resident though.

Ignoring that, you join and make all your purchases through their links and the stores pay quidco an affiiliate fee (this varies depending on what company and can be a % value of transaction or a fixed payment) which is then passed to you, the member. It can take a while though, as transactions have to be tracked, validated and paid. You pay a membership fee of £5pa, but this is taken out of cashback transactions, so you never actually pay anything. In the case of the 400d, you'd be £2.5 better off (as you'd get £7.50ish back from quidco, then pay the £5 fee and £2.50 would get paid to you).

It's a great idea if you buy anyhting online as some of the biggies use it (e.g. PC World, Play.com, ebay etc.) and as somebody says "every little helps"
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