Canon EOS 400D

    Have finally decided to take the plunge and buy a D-SLR, namely a Canon one, the 450D and everything above it is out of my price range and not necessary for me at the moment. So i have thought about a 400D, or the 1000D which seems to come with a better kit lense, i don't think the 1000D is replacing the 400D but i thought there might be some good offers on the 400D because of it. A while ago there were a few good deals about, now there seems to be none, the cashback isn't running at the moment IIRC, does anyone know how often these promotions run? Or of anywhere with some good deals!!



    What is your budget?

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    As cheap as possible!! The best deal before was the £256 one, so ideally that, but would probably stretch to £300


    £340 here with the cash back offer

    Nikon D40 has good reviews...... Less than £300…spx

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    Thanks but a few of my friends have Canons, namely ones who will sell me cheap lenses

    Also it is a brand which i feel is a good one to buy into, which is what you do when you buy a DSLR i think

    i paid £244 for mine 2 weeks ago inc lens!

    Canon have a refurb outlet on ebay - search for stores and canon and you should come across it.

    All products carry as 12 month canon warranty - def worth the saving!

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    That sounds like the right deal for me!!

    Especially been as they are refurbished by Canon, was yours in good condition, as new?


    Came with a new pack of manuals etc all leads lookewd new, as did the battery, camera had on finger print on the rear screen - quick wipe and it was as good as new.

    Pricewise it cant be touched, plus youll prob get a fair chunk of it back if u decide to sell in future.

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    I presume it comes with everything you would expect? Neck Strap included.

    Will definitely keep an eye out on there
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