Canon EOS 400D for under £400

    Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTi Black/silver on its own or any good value for money package below £500 not counting cashback

    thanks in advance


    Lens kit? long lens kit? Body only? Do you mind grey import? adding custom duty prices/
    Price can vary by hundreds depending on what you want.

    Original Poster


    Thanks for your reply.

    UK only; any/basic lens kit, CF card not really needed - just a best value/money package overall in a region of £400-500. The best i found so far(with £6 off) -…d=3…00d

    They're Hong Kong exporters I think so you need to pay 17.5% VAT + 2.5% customs duty

    So after VAT and customs duty for the kit model: £449.99

    But I wouldn't blame you if for £30 extra you want proper guarantees from pixmania, that £480 price is good for here.
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