Canon IXUS

I'm after one of the older models in the IXUS range, we're upgrading from a poor olympus 2mp camera we've had for about 8 years. I'm not interested in paying the money for the latest model has I don't believe I need the features (extra megapixels).

I've seen the IXUS 80 for £112.00

But wondered if you guys had any advice on which model would be the best to get or indeed if you've come across any cheaper prices. All the published deals seem to have expired, but I need it for a birthday present so can't really wait.

One day I'll start to plan these things a bit better.


Seen an Ixus 70 for under £80 in Sainsbury's. Not sure what the going price is though.....

I've got the Canon IXUS 970 IS and am absolutely delighted with it. This did cost a little more, but my in laws bought one around the price you would like to pay a couple of months ago, not sure of the model and they are delighted with it aswell. I also know others with them and they all rate them very highly. Jessops have the IXUS 82 IS for £119.99 with a free 4gb memory card, which when bought through quidco.co.uk and using discount code QUIDCOFIVE or JESSOPS5
5% off and I believe quidco is 3% this brings the price down to £110.58 if you deduct 5% from £119.99 and then a further 3% quidco discount.

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ive got the ixus 860 is
and its fantastic, cant recommend it highly enough

Does anyone know of any sub £120 deals on the IXUS range?
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