Canon IXUS 75

    I just bought this camera and i am made up with it but i'm wondering if anyone can help me with getting an extra battery for it.
    It's a Canon NB-4L Battery and if £17+ on Amazon but there are compatible ones on ebay for as little as £5 just not canon branded.
    Anyone know if the compatible ones will work just as good as the branded?
    I'm clueless about this stuff as you may have guessed lol :?

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    This site I think was recommended to me when looking for a camcorder battery although I haven't used them myself:…_74

    I'm not familiar with generic versions of the Canon battery you're after, from what I've read of Olympus generic batteries it's a bit hit and miss how well they actually work. At the time I'd forked out a lot for an SLR body and had no batteries, as there was a huge difference in price between the generic and Olympus batteries I picked up three generics. To my surprise they worked well, in the end I thought if they didn't last that long for only a fiver I hadn't really lost out.

    Out of interest, have you been shooting much with the Ixus 75? I had the slightly older Ixus 500 and the batterylife was quite a surprise - I expected one day of shooting at most, but the little battery laster far longer than I expected. Depends what you're shooting of course, I leave the heavy duty work to the SLRs and the compacts for lighter work but it might be worth seeing how you get on first.

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