Found 5th Apr 2007
OK Peeps - have found a few deals for these cameras, and am just wondering

i) Best price I could get them at the moment
ii) Which exact one to go for (any decent reviews???)

I have an Ixus400 ATM and it is in need of updating!!!!!!

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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Review here for Canon Ixus 850 ]click

And here is one for the Canon Ixus 900 ]click

Both get good reviews,the 900 does have a titanium body(nice) and is 10mp,where as the 850 is 7mp but has a better optical zoom at 3.8x.

Good prices for both of these at

]canon ixus 850 £229.99
]canon ixus 900 £234

2% quidco as well:thumbsup:

Hope this helps

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The only thing I wasn't sure on was the Zoom. Would there be a massive difference between the 3 and 3.8 zoom??? I will only be using it for standard nights out / holiday photos????

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Just also found that the 900Ti doesn't offer Image Stabiliser so think I am gonna go for the 850 as I suffer from Shakey Hand syndrom lol!

I've just had a quick read of both reviews,and as stated there is not much to choose btetween the two.If it was me I would go for the 850 because of the wide angle lens(better for group shots) and it also has image stabalisation.

People get hung up on the amount of megapixels,7mp is plenty enough to get good quality shots,but the features i have just mentioned would be important to me personally.:)

edit:looks like we're in agreement!!

i have got the ixus 800 and it has image stabiliser and it is an excellent camera. the 850 is better than the 900

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The only benefit of having the 900 over the 850 is the Titanium case(!!!) and the 10mp picture size.

However, the zoom and stabiliser features of the 850 outweigh these massively and I can't see the 10mp being that better than 7mp for me!

Think I will order from cameras2u, with the Quidco and vouchers, the price is fantastic!

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Ordered from this morning. With voucher and quidco at just under £216 - BARGAIN!!!!!

Sold my Ixus 400 for £65 last night, found the receipt and that cost me £285 3 years ago, it's amazing who Electronic equipment is coming down in price!!!!

Any tips / links where to get cheap memory cards and camera wallet / case from????

Ta. for sd card. Tesco for case. They do a £1 value case with velco seal that is just right to cover camera and slip in pocket. They do a semi hard zip up case for about £5 ideal for travelling, I just find when I am taking pictures I cannot be bothered to keep doing up the zip and so I use the value case most of the time. You might want to think about a spare battery.

Just found the people I used for spare battery, they were quick to deliver and the battery holds a charge as long as my panasonic original for a third of the price of a panasonic battery.…tal

woodview…fd/ the output from the Fuji and the Canon.

If you still buy the Canon, seek medical assistance quickly.

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I know I know, the Panasonic came close too, but I am a Canon man and am happy with my purchase!

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OK - Camera came today, I have a 2gb card coming from Play, and I am not just looking for a Case!!!

I have found the official Canon leather case for £12 from Amazon market place.

Anyone reckon I could get it cheaper, or recommend another????


Otley the output from … the output from the Fuji and the Canon.If you still buy the Canon, seek medical assistance quickly.

From the review
"The bad news is that the camera (Fuji F31FD) itself is starting to look a little long in the tooth and many of the niggles that have affected the range since the original F10 - purple fringing, slow macro focus, mediocre burst mode, slow card writing, boring 36-108mm zoom range and so on - have not been fixed. The interface has improved marginally, but it's still nowhere near as polished as you'd find on a Canon or Panasonic, for example . . . Unlike so many manufacturers that produce amazing cameras with average sensors, Fuji has an amazing sensor and - to be brutally honest - an average camera. As with the F30 this is a camera that wins a Highly Recommended only if you regularly shoot in low light - if you only ever take pictures in blazing sunshine there are competitors with far more impressive feature lists or lower prices."

I can't understand why anyone would choose this camera over the Ixus 850 except for it being cheaper. Every review I've ever read puts the Ixus ahead.
I'm no Canon fanboy either, I've always owned Nikons.
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