Canon Ixus 960is camera..control dial gone all stiff..What's caused this then!?

    Anyone else have this problem?

    During the past couple of days I've noticed the control dial on the top of the camera (zoom dial) was getting hard to 'turn' and kinda gets 'jammed' so it either goes into full zoom or the total opposite- depending on which side I turn it..

    Anyways, this morning, it's totally's SO hard to try and zoom in/ot, and I haven't attempted to force it otherwise incase I damage it..

    What's happened to it?! No idea of the cause...couldn't fina an answer when googled..

    I love this camera.

    Less than a year old, bought from Amazon..still under warranty. Called them today and they said I could send it back and obtain full refund of original price paid.. don't wanna do that cos I got this fab camera at bargain price thanks to this site.. £115 or sommat I think I paid..

    So, anybody any ideas on what's happened to it? I haven't dropped it etc ir splashed water on it and wotnot.

    Will give canon a call on Monday neverthelless..


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    [SIZE="4"]The [COLOR="Red"]zoom ring [/COLOR]is what I'm on about...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="4"]Isn't it a pretty little thing..[/SIZE]

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    Get amazon to replace it or get a full refund and buy the latest model? I … Get amazon to replace it or get a full refund and buy the latest model? I have a nearly 3 (or maybe 2) year old Ixus 70 and have had no problems, so must be a one off.

    That's the thing..don't want a refund as Amazon have discontinued this and therefore can not replace.. a good ixus like this one will set me back twice what I paid:x.... feeling sad

    My ixus v3 I've had for 6yrs or so is working great still..

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    What's wrong with any of … What's wrong with any of these: amazon replace it with one of those.

    aahh.. good idea. I'll call canon first thing tomorrow and see what they say- if no joy, then i'll persuade amazon to replace. thanks for the advice..may have to call upon your services again in a few days. will update thread with developments too.

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    YAY! sent it to Canon, explained fault, back within 7days, and fully repaired and norra penny to pay! thanks dcx for advice.. rep well deserved!
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