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Posted 3rd Oct
Hi. I need an advice. I know that Canon lens 50mm gives photo blurred background but I need to stand far from the object to get a full shot lets say. Is there any Canon lens which blures background the same like 50mm one but can be closer to to object? I have small room and 50mm is not an option.
I am looking for a cheap option lets say up to £150 if possible

thank you.
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Save yourself some money, take the image then edit it by using a layer and filtering the layer with a blur effect. The just erase the part of the layer you want in focus.
Are you shooting in manual mode.? Should be easy enough to set the widest aperture (lowest number) and manually focus.

If not have a look into a lens converter. You can pick up some amazing old lenses for about £40 on ebay. Of course you will have to shoot in manual mode, but you should doing that anyway if you have a dslr camera.
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Quick answer? No.

Bokeh - the out of focus blurring is generated when your lens has a very narrow depth of focus. That (lack of) depth of focus is due to the wide aperture or the lens. the 50mm is f/1.8?

You also seem to want a wider field of view so focal length less than 50mm

wide aperture lenses are expensive, wide angle lenses are expensive so £150 is tricky - if you are looking for new or auto.

As OJC and monkeysuncle have said you have two options: software post processing or picking up an older manual lens. Canon cameras can get adapters for loads of older manual format lenses.

Id have a look at which is an excellent resource for info and example shots using old manual lenses.…de/

You might want to explain what you are trying to do - what are you taking pics of?
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Thanks everyone. Mostly I use my camera for short videos and some pics so while I can edit the blur effect in photos in photoshop I can't blur my background when I edit videos.
As I thought this must be expensive lens so I will stick with 50mm Canon lens.

Yes I use full manual mode and I have canon 700d with kit lens.
I bought Yongnuo 50mm to save some cash but it's not good for videos because it's all the time autofocusing and I can't use manual mode with it because the person can't sit super still and if he moves 5cm is out of focus;)
50mm canon shouldn't autofocus like crazy I assume lol

Thanks again
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