Canon lens for safari

Found 4th Oct 2017
planning on buying an 80d.
which lens(es) would you recommend?
general use after safari will be scenic...
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A lot depends on what you want to take photos of, your budget and how close youll likely get with your guide. I've seen private guides with tourists with 400mm lenses with 2x converters for lions and also things like 70-200 with 1.4x for monkey, small game etc.

Something like a 300mm would be good as it's not big or heavy to hold but I'd have a shorter lens in the 40-200 range as well as some animals get closer.

You can hire lenses but the cost is often quite high and you'd be better off buying and then selling privately (or keeping).
Budget ?
Best way is to hire a lens - then you get to try the break-the-bank expensive lenses that the pros use.

Something like or Lenspimp.
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