Canon MP600 Compatible Ink

Found 30th Jul 2008
Hi. I know there are loads of threads like this, but I couldn't find one relating to my printer.
I have a Canon Pixma MP600 and would like to buy some compatible ink cartridges. I can get them on ebay for silly money, but I don't know if they are half decent!
Can any of you recommend a website or ebay seller that sell reasonable quality cartridges? Thanks in advance.

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before you do buy compatible ones check whsmith they still have various ones reduced to clear

Original Poster

Thanks. I checked out WHSmith, but the ones I'm after don't seem to be reduced.

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I've had a dig around and have found ]This and ]This.
They are both seemingly made using the same ink - Inkrite. I have found a couple on ebay which are more money and are made using Formulabs ink.
Can anyone recommend one or the other?
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