Canon, Nikon or Sony?

I'm looking to buy a new camera . Never had a SLR before, so still not sure what to buy.
I saw also Sony and Pentax sell SLR.

I plan to travel and to take it with me. Is the weight an issue? If you carry it the all the time?

Is there an alternative to the big cameras? I have a Canon Ixus 100, which is very good, but a friend who loves photography swears on the SLR.
I think I like to make some pictures with manual zoom, and learn how to make HDR pictures.

Price wise I'm looking more for the lowest level.

Hope someone can give me some advice.

Thank you!


How about a bridge camera to see how you get on ? Panasonic do the FZ38 which has been on offer a couple of times lately and is a fantastic camera - a lot of the flexibility and functions of the SLR's, including an 18x zoom, but without the need for extra lenses and weight :-).

Ive handled the Nikon D40 before....
It is definately a good camera....

You probably need to look for one that suits what you want to use it for....
E.G fast shutter for sports picture....or high MP for HD pictures....

Nikon D3000 can be had for around £340 and is on of the lighter DSLRs but as easy to use (easier in fact) than a compact.

For travelling you should look at the Olympus E420. It's tiny for an SLR and weighs virtually nothing (ok, so that's an exaggeration but you'll know what I mean if you pick one up). Great quality construction and good quality optics too. £289 including the 14-42 lens from here
This is not the current model - that is the E450 which is available for £349 also including the 14-42 here
To be honest, unless you absolutely have to have the latest, there's not enough of a difference between the two to warrant spending the extra £60.
You can also get the 420 in a twin lens kit for £399.99 here

All are good, you have to go and feel/play with each brand in Jessops etc. They're all like for like really (I have a nikon D60 and love it) See avforums

Having used both Canon and Nikon entry level SLRs, I settled on Nikon and currently use a D90 professionally. The D40 is a great starter SLR if you can find one (ebay probably) and the D3000 is also very good.

As Darthchaffinch said though, it comes down to personal preference so have a play. I also use a Panasonic Lumix FZ28 for 'hobby' shooting, and the manual control it offers is tremendous.

I have a Canon 40d and nikon 8800vr bridge camera also a Sony A200.All a great cameras in their own way,however if you want to try HDR (high dynamic range) pictures you could try the Sony A450 with built in HDR mode and live veiw.Having the HDR built in will also save in extra software costs.
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