Canon pixma MG4250 printer problem

Posted 19th May 2015
Had this printer for just over 2 years now and the printed words don't align anymore,
printed sheets looks like the paper have been fed twice to print same page.
spoke to cannon and they want to charge me £48 for repairs!!! bought printer got £45 at argos.
anyone know how to resolve this please?

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can you print to the printer from more than 1 device? If so, are the effects the same? If you cannot print from more than device we need to eliminate whether it is hardware or software? On the hardware side, can you clean printer things from the panel controls? Are you using different paper/ink than usual? On the software side what, if anything has changed since your last successful print?
Have you gone into your printer maintenance software and carried out a print head alignment check
As above try the printer head align option in the driver to see if that helps. If not the print head probably needs replacing which will cost more than the printer is worth. The head is removable on these so you may be able to take it out and try to clean it. Otherwise when cheap inkjets go wrong they are not generally worth fixing even if it is a massive waste.
Done printer head alignment with the help of canon tech support.
Also done the deep cleaning process.
I only have one pc at home running windows 7 and it's the only pc I print from.
Try a uninstall and and re install

Try a uninstall and and re install

will give that a go later tonight, I'm really hacked off as I've just put a new set of canon inks..
someone was happy to take it off me for £25 with the full set of inks... happy days:)
Bought the dell C1765NFW, laser printer.
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