Canon Powershot G7

    Hey guys, anyone out there in interweb land just been doing what I have and looking for weeks for best £200-£250 camera? It's a sodding mine field with models lasting only 6-7 months before being replaced!!

    So anyway I have found the Powershot G7 to fit my needs/budget(ok ok nearly) cheapest here @ £261:-…e=1
    but has anyone used these guys? I sent a message asking how they opperate and it sounds like an office in UK taking orders and just passing on to Kong Kong for processing and shipment? (not good)
    Dixons of all places (yeah I was supprised) is a good price £274.99 after £10off code.…gle

    Also looked at the Panasonic FZ8 and FZ50 cheapest being Ebuyer with GC at £193 and £271.

    The point is I have spent too long thinking as I like everyone here get an A+ for impulse buying but a C- if given to much time, do you think it would be best to stay clear of option 1? have you used them? have you seen a camera that blows all the others away? (I have got to 3 from reviews at

    Thanks in advance for thoughts! :thumbsup:


    s3 is is a good alternative. costing about £200. im quite torn on what to pick as well.

    sim-freemobile only have a mobile contact number. Clicking contact us reveals a contact form but no address. Privacy Policy is pretty extensive too!

    I was in the same pesition until yesterday I was in WH Smiths and noticed that the same company as "What Digital Camera" have just released this month a magazine called "What Digital SLR?" I guess what! they review all SLR's from £350 - £700

    DONT FORGET THOUGH may be £350 in magazine but most can be found far cheaper on the internet.

    ALSO ****** Nikon have a £60 voucher on all Nikon camera's all you do is purchase the camera from whereever and then reclaim from Nikon your £60
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