Canon Printer Ink required

    Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for places to get good compatible ink cartridges?
    I have a Canon Pixma IP4300, need the main black cartridge and the 3 colours too.
    There are so many sites for these products, prices varying from a few pence, to the same price as a bit lost!
    Any advice much appreciated (and rep given obviously!)





    Most Wilkinson's stores have a good selection of printer inks, they say the compatibility on them.

    Im nearly sure that takes the same ink cartridges as mine i have the IP5000 i buy my ink of a powerseller who sells them in bulks of 40 which is 8 X sets of 5 which is your small black, big black and 3 colours, costs me £36 delivered and the expiry date is 2010 and you can choose your amounts of each which is good cause next time its gonna be just the black ink ill be ordering as the colour doesn't get used much when im doing leaflets and stuff.

    There is other sellers who do smaller amounts as well like 5 carts for £10 delivered or so, cant remember the brand name of the stuff im using at the moment but its good but another brand to look out for is "Black Diamond" who are actually owned by mistubishi as far as i remember.

    Trash that lol im wrong just checked the model of the tanks


    Black PGI-5Bk
    Black CLI-8Bk
    Cyan CLI-8C
    Magenta CLI-8M
    Yellow CLI-8Y

    the model i have is the IP5000 which i confused with the IP5200 which was the cheaper made next version of mine i confused it with the IX5000 and the IP5200 that uses the same ink.

    However you could find a better deal as the compatibility list is:

    iP3300,iP4200,iP4300,iP5200,iP5200R,iP5300,iP6600D,iP6700D, iX4000,iX5000,MP500,MP510,MP530,MP600,MP800,MP800R,MP810,MP830, MP950,MP960,Pro9000

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    thanks for the replies, much appreciated - rep given.
    Will take a look at Wilkinson's and ebay.:thumbsup:

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    last bump for recommendations!.....

    fleabay item number 290196024942 looks good, seller says they pas the ISO standard which is good

    [url][/url] thats the cheapest i could find
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