Canon SX210 or Panasonic TZ10

Looking for either one of these cameras. The deal on Bestbuy for the TZ10 has expired.

I would prefer the Canon, and will probably buy it off Amazon for £199. I know of the cashback offer from Canon so this would bring it down to £170

Does anyone know any better deals?

Thanks for the help


note that Panasonic's £30 cash-back for the TZ10 runs until 19th January 2011. Right at this moment I can't see the TZ10 being sold for less than £215, which would make it £185 after cash-back. Personally I'm waiting/hoping for a retailer to discount their TZ10's to encourage some sales now that the xmas blues are kicking in !

Do you need the zoom? The canon is very good. The screen is a bit pants tho. Lumix does have a cracking lens tho. I'd prob go canon. I think it brings more to the table(baring the gps but who really needs that?).

My tip would be, go to comet or somewhere and pick them both up and have a good, Er, play with them. See which one you are more comfortable with. Don't be too put off by the flash placement in the canon, you get used to it quickly.
Hope this helps.

the TZ10 is better than the canon in every way apart from possibly appearance

Zoom? Price? Colour tone?

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I mean I'm leaning towards the Canon, but don't mind the Panasonic. However in price terms the Canon is cheaper and even if it isnt superior, can still do a decent job.

Panasonic is quite pricey even with the cashback in comparison to the Canon dont you think? I'm hoping to order it by this weekend once I've made my mind up with the help of yourselves lol.

Thanks again

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The Panasonic is 189 on Citiwide Online. Is that a decent site? And can I still claim the cashback from it??

Link: citiwideonline.com/sho…s=0

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Hmm though have just read some risky reviews about the site. Apparently is based in HK so may be asked to pay Customs and VAT when parcel comes to door.

Gosh its so hard to just find the cheapest deal and buy it lol.

If I go for the Panasonic is it really worth £15 more than the Canon (Price after Cashback)??

I think you do have more 'mAnual' settings in the canon. But the lens on the lumix is awesome. Think you should go and pick them both up and have a feel though.

Both good cameras, I'd prob sway upwards the canon although I do own a lumix and it is quality. Your call!!!

SX210 is slightly cheaper at £190.98 delivered (using code PIXVATBACK10) from Pixmania.
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