Can't access certain websites

    Was hoping someone could shed some light on this - I can't access certain websites.

    It's just two sites at the moment, but they are sites that I had used for years without issue and NEED to use on a daily basis. The sites work fine for other people so the issue is definitely on my end.

    The two sites are &

    When I try to get on them they either don't load at all (offering various error messages, from 'oops that link appears to be broken' to 'connection time out') or occasionally half load but without any images and won't allow me to do anything (likeloginn) and once a blue moon they actually work just fine - maybe once out of every 50 attempts).

    I have tried every thing to get them working. Clearing cache, clearing cookies, clearing temp files, different browsers, flushing dns, reinstalling windows, going through a proxy etc and nothing makes the blindest bit of difference.

    This has been going on for at least 2 months so it's not a temporary issue and both sites stopped working at DIFFERENT times, the only common denominator being both stopped working after they had done a software update on the sites.

    Pretty please help, I need both these sites for work



    bad DNS servers or hosts file being messed around with?

    What was the 'software update' the sites did?

    Have you phoned your ISP - to check its not some ISP related issue?

    You seem to have tried everything I would suspect could be causing a problem but you could try visiting the sites with no security software enabled. If you use a router, check there's no settings on there that could be causing the problem

    bad dns servers - good call, vibeone. OP, try changing your DNS servers to a third party one (like google or opendns) instead of your ISPs own ones.
    Googles are and
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