Can't access modem via app through mesh wifi

Posted 13th Mar
Hi guys,

We have a B535 4G router from 3. I just set up some Tp-link E4's to create a better network. This has all went fine but I'm now no longer able to access the B535 through the Huawei HiLink app. Although access still work fine through a browser.

I use the app to reboot the B535 fairly regularly and would like to restore access via the app if possible. Does anyone clever have any suggestions?

I'm presuming this is a quirk of the mesh network but not sure where to even begin to try and research the issue.
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Have you changed the SSID of the mesh system to match the router? That stopped me using the Tenda app with my router.
Has the IP address you are conencting to the router on changed now that you have added the Mesh network? Many Mesh networks use a different network subnet to the one you may have been using before

Have you tried "forgetting" the 4G router in the App and rediscovering it? or uninstall/re-install the app to force a re-discover
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