Can't add card for Paypal?

    Well what happened is that the wifey person lost her card and ordered a new one which came i think at the end of last month. I went to buy something last week and it said something about the card, then i clicked on that the number of the card had changed, so being dumb i decided to delete it and the last card we had on our profile.

    I went to type in the new card details, finished and went to the next screen and it said that i couldn't use another card with this account! Why is that?

    Tried to phone payapl but im gonna have to wait about 30mins+, my account is:

    Account type: Premier
    Status: UK - Verified (16)

    Cheers if any1 can help, tbh i don't even know what im on about lmao! bloody wine now im on the vodka.


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    What a shambles of a post that is *runs off with his undies down

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    Can someone give me a hand here on where i need to email paypal about not being able to add a new card? Ive just waited 18mins to get through to India and the other person onm the other end had no idea what i was going on about!?

    Im asking that i have deleted the 2 old cards on the account and that when i go to add a new card it says this:

    This account may not register any further Switch or Solo cards.

    How hard is that? yet after 21mins i got cut off!!!!!! I had already waited 10mins on the last call untill it again cut me off!!

    Why do these big companies have call centres where the people on the other end do not understand you?

    Anyway all i can see on the Paypal site is to report a problem which is either a transaction or opening a dispute, i want to send them a mail saying that i can't add my new card, cheers.

    *goes to lay down to cool off grrrrrr!

    just set up a new paypal account

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    Its ok ive found it! getting proper stressed out there lmao!! i bloody hate paypal!


    dont paypal have a live contact thingy over the internet?

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    Ive mailed them, what a chew on, wasted 30mins of my time plus call charges and got no where! Its not just these but Virgin and Microsoft are a nightmare as well, how can it be customer services when you can't understand the other guy on the end of the phone and they can't understand you!? Bloody penny pinching firms!

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    Well finally found out why i can't add a new card to my paypal, they only allow you to have registered 8 cards on the account! There is noway of me using paypal as its the wifes solo card! im basically blacklisted and we don't have any other cards to use!

    My day just gets better bahhhhhh!!!!!

    oops aye reg a new acccount.
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