Can't believe...

    you have spammed my free rep for the aplhabet backwards game.
    Can't find it now:(:(
    I'm going to cry now.


    Hhhhm I have seen worse on here. Probably spammed by one of the worst spammers as well:)

    Reputation abuse is not really appropriate on the forums.

    ]HUKD Code of conduct

    X. Deal Voting and [COLOR="Red"]Giving Reputation[/COLOR]:

    * When voting on the temperature of a deal, please do so fairly.
    * We request that cold voters leave a reason for doing so. By leaving constructive criticism, it will help your fellow members improve their posts in the future.
    [COLOR="Red"]* Reputation is a form of reward you can give to other members if they've helped you in any way. Common sense is that it has to be earned.
    * Please don't ask or beg for reputation, or expect to receive it back when you give it.
    * Abuse of the reputation system might result in you losing any you already have and in the worst case may result in a ban.[/COLOR]

    Original Poster


    Reputation abuse is not really appropriate on the forums.

    ok- my games wont appear again.
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