Can't boot from CD. Please help.

    I'm trying to boot from "Hirens Boot V11.0" cd and get the bios to look at the cd first.
    Anyone seen a bios like this before and can point me in the right direction please.

    Photo in first post.

    Dinner is ready so might be a bit slow answering questions.


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    scroll down to first noot then change that to your cd drive

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    Just remembered to post ( a bit late ) that cd, dvd or optical drive no longer appear as an option to choose.

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    Don't bother changing anything in the bios, just hit F8 (or whatever it … Don't bother changing anything in the bios, just hit F8 (or whatever it is for your mobo), to bring up the boot menu and use that instead.

    Tried that, I get a cut down version of the main screen but there is no option for cd, dvd or optical device at all.

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    I'm pretty sure I don't have raid configured.
    I do have a Buffalo nas with 4 X 250 gb drives in it but they are all individual drives, no raid configured.

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    Does look strange doesn't it.
    I think I'll uninstall the buffalo program and reboot and see what happens then.


    Tried that, I get a cut down version of the main screen but there is no … Tried that, I get a cut down version of the main screen but there is no option for cd, dvd or optical device at all.

    I agree with DCX - it looks like the second device in your screenshot is the optical drive, I'd try setting that as the first boot device instead to boot from CD.


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    Just uploading some more pictures.
    I did hit F9 at boot up to go into raid setup and it didn't list a raid setup, just asked me if I wanted to add one.

    Where would I disable raid in the bios?
    I don't remember seeing that option anywhere.

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    Options available when clicking on first boot device.

    Moving down to optical device.

    And the options I get when hitting enter/return.

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    Gonna reboot and look for raid settings.

    The optical drive option is there on the first of the screenshots you've just posted - try choosing 'RAID DSK05 HD-DL-ST DVDRAM GH40' as your first boot device. Although it's prefixed 'RAID' it doesn't look to actually be a RAID array as it's showing the device name.

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    John, I've just done a lot of playing, I know a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and I have done exactly what you just said.
    SO my boot sequence is reversed from what is posted in first piccy and it works.
    So I have Raid : Dsk05 above Raid : Dsk04.

    Why they are named like that I have no idea.
    Suppose I will have to live with it.

    It will be interesting later on in the year when I do decide to turn raid on.

    Thanks John and DCX for your time and trouble.
    Would leave you both rep if I could but please accept this £10.00 into each of your paypal accounts instead.

    I'm off out now.

    Will check in when I get back and see if anybody has some thoughts on the naming convention.

    My guess on the naming convention is that it's showing the mode the SATA controller is set to - I've seen some machines that have IDE, SATA and RAID modes for their SATA channels. The RAID mode is the same as SATA but it just means the channel can also be used for a RAID configuration. Normally in a RAID array you don't see the device names and instead you just see the array name even if it's a one disk RAID array (which I realise is pointless but some utilities let you define that). In your case the fact it's showing the device names implies that neither the hard drive or optical drive are part of a RAID array.

    For setting up a raid array it's usually separate to the bios, either just before or just after you may see a screen flash up to configure disk arrays.

    Glad to hear you've managed to get the system booting from the CD at least though!


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    Cheers John,
    I'm reasonably happy with the result, if a little confused on the names, but I will live with it.

    I do get ( for a brief moment, about 3 seconds ) the option to hit F9 to set up raid details.
    I will be doing this later in the year as I start to scrap my old PCs and move everything onto a ( bit ) more up to date machine.

    Thanks again to you and DCX for your help.

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    Never heard of that so had to Google it.
    I think when the time comes, I will use Buffalo's raid system 'cos there seems to be a set up wizard the even I could follow.
    I understand that my 4 X 250 gb drives will effectively become one 750 gb drive that will preserve all my data if 1 drive packs up.

    I can also set it to shut down if it detects an error so that if the worst happens, I can just replace 1 250 gb drive and I'm back up and running again.
    I will also copy important things like photos onto DVDs also just to be doubly sure.
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