Can't Connect Nintendo DS/Lite To BT HomeHub2

    when i go to the settings and i search for an access point i find my hub and it has a grey padlock and when i touch it it says not supported (something like that )
    but i could connect my old hub to the ds ??
    anyone help


    You need to change the encryption to WEP instead of WPA on the router.

    ds lite connects to wireless?

    or u got dsi?


    You need to change the encryption to WEP instead of WPA on the router.

    I'd go for this almost certainly!


    ds Lite how do i change it on the hub then click on settings and enter your password (if its the 1st time you've accessed the hub manager you'll need to get the code from back of the hub and enter a password) sthen click on see or chnage your wireless settings, chnage from WPA to WEP as the DS don't like WPA. You'll need to re-anter the key on all your wireless devices that you've previously configured.

    Reset the hub to factory settings

    Yeah reset to default, (you'll need a paper clip or summit) then log into the hub with and follow the instructions

    you sorted?


    not yet

    whats up?

    what key length? When changing it to wep?

    good thread - we've had the same problem since changing to hh 2 - will follow the instructions too!

    64 is 10 characters long (0-9 and A-F)
    128 is 26 characters (0-9 and A-F)

    (i think)


    ok thanks for your help repped

    no probs, glad to help


    all working thanks to you

    No probs
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