Cant connect to gumtree Blocked ?

Found 28th Jul 2011
I have been posting ads for home swap on gumtree, but for the past few days i have been unable to connect, tried 3 computers on my network.

Can gumtree block ip address
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are you clicking on a favourite link i couldnt connect using this option last few days but if i google gumtree and click link works just fine
They can and do IP ban, but that only seems to be from contacting people and posting ads. They could've expanded things to the point of full site bans, but it's probably as likely to be your network setup. Try resetting your router and trying again.
BT might think it's a torrent site

Not even my ad, was putting it on for a friend who's looking for an exchange X)

I'm with o2, used to be fine, then all of a sudden stopped working, I personally dont use gumtree so no biggy to me
If you have a smartphone try using it's 3G connection to connect to the website. In the unlikely event that they are blocking your IP you could just reset your router and get a new IP address as they are issued dynamically.
gumtree are so rude blocked my ads and stoped me being able to enter their site ,
placed one ad every friday and they could not stand it
gumtree are the worst site ever, they block genuine users to try and make them pay to list item
and the con men , their ads are listed for weeks with out them even being removed,

i even had a con man copy my listing word for word, to try and scam other people , i complained to Gumtree, over 20 reports , and the ad is still up, but guess what, they removed my ad???? what a joke

so what did i do, i listed an ad warning people about the con man, with his details and all the ads he had listed, Guess what ???

Gumtree removed my ad, now are gumtree in cohorts with these scammers , looks like it, every one that has complained about com men on gumtree have either been blocked , or had their ads removed , strange that

here is an actual live chat i had with a gumtree agent, this site is beyond belief would give them minus 0 if i could, they block genuine sellers, and let conmen list all sorts of items on their site to con innocent people, read on---->
had a 21" quad core imac for sale , listed it as being bought in september 2012, below is the live chat with the gumtree agent, and the ropes they made me jump just to put my ad live, yet on the same page at least 10 other people selling expensive macs for £250 ???

Nicole M: Hello, my name is Nikki, how can I help you?
You: hi my ad was removed ? before it even went live
Nicole M: do you have the ad reference number please?
You: 1002722632
Nicole M: i have had a look at your ad, and have found that it has been removed as it is too cheap
You: too cheap, its £875 ?
You: same price they are going for on ebay
You: i dont get this , i have to sell something expensive to list it?
You: hello????
Nicole M: it's currently selling for £1,000
You: no one has £1000 these days , i need to sell it to recoup money, if i sell it for £1000 no one will buy it
You: that makes no sense
You: gumtree cant dictate how much to sell your possessions for
You: that make no sense at all
Nicole M: i have had a look at can see that this model of iMac has only been released on the 23rd of October in the US only
Nicole M: therefore how can you have had it for over a month ?
You: what?
You: these have been selling since 2011-2012
You: this is not the new imac that is not realised as yet
You: its a 20110-2012 imac
You: i really dont understand where you are getting this info
Nicole M: you have stated in your ad : Late 2012 Model
You: purchased in september so yes its a late 2012 iMac?
You: i can give you the serial number of the mac to prove it
You: you can check it on the apple website
You: if thats going to get the ad to go live
You: purchased 27 sep 2012
You: ????
Nicole M: please understand that there is a lot of fraud which goes on with regards to Apple products
Nicole M: would you be able to send me a copy of the receipt? or something similar
You: yes i can i can also give you the serial number , you can paste it in the apple website and it will give you all the info, inc the warranty details ive put on the ad?
You: serial number C02J3Q48DHJF
You: if you put it in the apple website all the info is there
You: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do
Nicole M: just a moment please
Nicole M: please*
Nicole M: i have checked this and have confirmed that your iMac is a mid-2011 model
Nicole M: you clearly stated on your ad that it was : Late 2012 Model
You: purchased sep 2012 i
You: i have the receipt her, which i just photocopied
You: "here"
You: so let me get this straight, i purchased the mac sep 2012 which i put in the listing
You: so what your saying ive worded the listing wrong, fine
You: put it like and i will clearly state i purchased it sep 2012
You: which is what i thought i did
You: this is beyond belief, you let scammers and con me list all sorts, you can clearly see my ad is not a scam, yet your splitting hairs about wording

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