cant find an online game i used to play, pls help

it was a word game, like word drop, but letters used to come down that would burn through your column if u didnt used them fast enough, u had to make words of 3 or more letters from the ones on the board but the next letter had to be touching the last, and they would dissappear once used. i thought i played it on facebook but been through all my posts till last april and its not there, so dunno where i found it. its driving me mad, cant find in on mindjolt or gameyola which is where i thought it was. does someone know what it could be? thankyou


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it might be bookworm, seems similar, i was sure it wasnt thow, itl keep me busy anyway, thanku, repped

seems to be the right game, but wasnt the game i had in mind, i think this one was timed, you had to get as many words in a time limit, and im sure its not word drop
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