Cant find manual for motherboard, does anyone know where the pw sw pins go?

    Mobo is a winfast 6100k8ma

    Got an old pc about 2 months ago but am just wanting to use it now due to the fact that I want it as a spare for the spare bedroom and may be moving locally so I can take this one to new place and that gives me a chance to take 2 or 3 days moving and have a pc at both properties.

    Anyway the part I believe to be for the pins looks like a usb part but with thinner pins and not labelled, I had one like this before with another pc(being that its a store made pc) just dont know how to wire it!


    they go next to the power switch leads/front led lights etc. hopefully theyre labelled on the board. if not your need the manual.

    I just keep trying until I get the power switch usually. When there is no manual.


    Trial and error :thumbsup:

    If it's power you're trying to find just get a screwdriver and try all the pins with the end until it fires up.

    Oops, just saw you put details on.

    the standard i believe is this:



    PLED = Power LED/Message LED
    HDD = Hard Drive LED
    RST = Reset Switch
    PSW = Power Switch
    SPK = Speaker
    NC = Not connected (sometimes not even there)


    does this rubbish photo help you?


    Original Poster

    Thanks all sorted now, shame I had to reinstall XP anyway on top so it helped even more!
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