Cant Find PS3 Thread - BuyItThere £219.99 + Del - Anyone help ?

    Can any1 find the recent thread regarding the box damaged PS3 for sale from ButItThere or BuyItHere. I kept the webpage in history, just checked it incase they got any more in and weyhey they had one left ! Quickly snappped it up for my nipper (and me of course but dont tell the missus nudge nudge) but am now wondering what state they will be in, warranty rights, returns, company itself, etc. The thread has dissapeared and i cant find it in half hour worth of searches. Anyone help me out ? Or even some reassurance about the company/deal ?

    Thanx in advance... big rep added for the first person to find it lol ;-)


    :roll: lol

    To the op anyway your problem is it's buyithere not buyitthere :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    And the fact that all my searches used 'PS3' lol.

    Many thanx guys... rep added.

    Seem like this is still a good deal, delivery aside. I just hope the unit is in good condition, a few scratches at this price im ok with, im just unsure how the Sony years warranty works with a returns item.

    Oh and really the 40gb/60gb/80gb debate dont matter coz im gonna stick in a 320gb straight away anyway.
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