Can't get a reasonable quote

    We must have a lot of get-rich-quick plumbers in the Newark area including British Gas who are a joke. Have had several quotes for a new 30 kw boiler to be fitted. Most say it will take a day or just over for the plumber and a helper to fit and quotes (incl vat) are from £2400 to £3700 (BG). The retail cost of the boiler (same make) on the net is around £750 including chimney fittings and vat. Excluding the vat that means that the charge for labour for a day or just over for one plumber and helper is from £1300 to £2400 approx. Rip-off! Rant over.


    maybe i should become a plumber!! ... those prices are rediculous!

    It cost the price of the boiler in my house to have it fitted, it is a day/2 days work see.

    £2000 it was to fit mine, and that was cheap in my opinion.

    Have you tried " my Hammer" I got some really good quotes off there when we were doing up our rental property.

    I used these:…ler

    BG Quoted me £4200 to remove old back boiler fit a new one etc, got three of the local plumbers round from this website and best quote i got was £2200 which is half BG, also qualified for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme which i was not expecting to do so is only costing £1800 now.

    have a look they are good

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    Many thanks for useful suggestions - I will try My Hammer first - rep added.

    Had my boiler replaced about 2-3 yrs ago now.

    The quotes ranged from 1200-1500

    It only took half a day to do it.
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