Can't get on certain websites!!

Found 25th Jul 2008
For over a week now I've been infected with viruses/spyware.I kept getting loads of pop under adverts which I don't get now.
During this time I couldn't get on certain sites (facebook, amazon, yahoo mail etc) but others I've had no problems with (ebay, google mail, imdb)
At certain times i've been able to get them all, but now there's no viruses or spyware on comp at the moment (I've used loads of software to do this) and I can't get on these sites again.
I'm on tiscali using internet explorer ( although I've tried other browsers and it's the same)
Can anyone help, please
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you sure that someone using your computer hasnt purposely blocked these websites?

for example with many firewall or antivirus programs you can ban certain websites from loading.
Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6…988

Ad-Aware 2008…457

download both of these programs and update the definition files and then scan your computer with them both
try this I have not had any bother since i used it ( for 3 years now) free and auto up dates…tml
since facebook is banned , are sure parental controls havent been actioned
Thanks for everyones help, I changed security on cookies and it seems to work
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