Can`t get rid of Repetitive Usb discontenting sound on win 10. Not a usb fault but to do with chrome ?

Found 4th FebEdited by:"Denbi"
Iv started getting this really annoyed sound. The same as a usb being discontented then connected.
This is the sound, USB disconnect and I used the tool recommended. This doesnt appear to be my problem but its seems to be linked to Google chrome instead because if i shut down Chrome it stops making the noise.
Any suggestions as I need to ditch Chrome otherwise.(which i really dont want to do)
ps installed firefox and getting occasional issue as above (far less than with Chrome) im stuck
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Ive removed Avast internet security and it hasnt happened for about 15 mins .....fingers crossed. Although im sure this Avast was installed before this noise started happening ?
chrome is rubbish and always tell people use firefox, every computer (about 5 a week) i go to service from offices to homes all have some sort of problem and virus and BHO. Remove chrome, install firefox, run AVG! and malwarebytes and all sorted
Seen this happen on a few systems after window 10 creator update. Not sure if it's connected though, OS kept disconnecting my wired mouse and then not reactivating until I plugged it back in. Seems to of sorted itself out though.
Since removing Avast the issue has so far stopped. I have now put McAfee anti virus back on and still no issues as yet. Fingers crossed. Wish i knew what the actual cause was/is thought? Seems like some problem with Avast at the moment.
Its started again........Anybody have any solotions ?
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