Cant get sound to work on DVI-D channel

    Recently bought the LG M228WA 22" TV/Monitor from ebuyer ( and i am unable to get sound to come from the DVI-D channel.

    I have linked up the x-rocker directly to the ps3 in order to get sound, but i wish to boost the sound by adding speakers so they work when the TV is switched to DVI-D.

    I have tried the jack that comes with the x-rocker but have had no luck. (Tried the two slots at the back but neither give sound out on DVI-D)

    Dont really know where going wrong but if someone could help i would be very grateful. Will give out Rep to those who help me out with this problem.

    Thanks to all posts.


    DVI doesn't carry sound does it? I thought that was HDMI...

    Original Poster

    Thats right i know that but this tv / monitor doesnt have HDMI unfortunately. Im sure there must be a way to project sound through the TV on the DVI-D output... at least i hope so!

    Looking at the back of the monitor (…jpg) there are two pairs of audio inputs, one on the middle row beside the composite and one on the lower row with the component. It also looks like there are two headphone ports as well, one of these may be the input for the DVI as well - I'd check to see how these are labelled to see if one of these is labelled for PC input. Different manufacturers vary on this, some have dedicated audio ports for everything, others share component/composite audio ports for DVI/VGA.

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