Cant log into ebay

    Has anyone else tried to sign into ebay but it just keeps asking you to retype your username and password?
    Do you know how i can fix it



    not here - just logged in via pc and my phone and all ok

    Just logged on as well - no problem!


    all fine here

    Original Poster

    internet explorer just let me but mozzila wont


    Just logged on as well - no problem!

    +1, mines is fine :thinking:!

    Had this before (can't remeber what I did to cure it though)

    Try clearing your cookies, temp internet files etc and trying again.

    usually when my mum calls me up getting this message it is because she has left the caps lock key on the keyboard active (so her password is typed in caps). i know it sounds daft but just check your keyboard.

    I had same thing few days ago, cleared cookies and its all fine now.

    Original Poster

    ok i bin the cookies thanks

    Original Poster

    All good now

    Much love
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